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13 things about the autonomous cars

Two weeks ago we were witness of the Autonomous day by Tesla. It was kind of futuristic introduction of the new time. 4 hours long deeply technical presentation dove deep into the future of the way we commute. Here are 13 things, that I think worth mentioning for the self driving cars:

The new FSD computer

  1. In the beginning of 2016 there was no chip dedicated exclusively to self driving
  2. It took Tesla 3 years to design and develop FSD (full self driving) from ground up and ramp up to full production and integration with Model S, X and 3
  3. The main goals were to stay below 100W for the energy consumption and at least 50 TOPS of neural network performance
  4. Full redundancy – there are two chips which are constantly communicating and verifying the decisions
  5. FSD is 4 years ahead of the competition in terms of self driving capability.
  6. It (the new chip) is capable of 144 Trillion operation in one second for the 2 separate neural networks and consumes 72W of power
  7. This can handle video with 2300 FPS (frames per second) in comparison with the older nVidia chip used with only 110FPS
  8. To make neural networks work we need 3 essential things:
    • Large dataset
    • Varied dataset
    • Real dataset
  9. Train, deploy, boost, test, label, repeat
  10. The fleet labels data automatically
  11. The system runs in so called shadow-mode and after a series of iterations it finally goes live.
  12. It is all about long tail : 99,9999…%
  13. Until the end of 2020 (ET – “Elon time”) Tesla will have a million autonomous taxis on the road and will disrupt the hole idea of transportation
Entire process of training the neural network
Level 4 & Level 5 autonomy
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