Ivan Vasilev
Category: User interface (UI)

Roommates App

54% of the world’s population live in urban communities And the average marriage age for men is 29 (up from 26 two decades ago) and for women is 27 (up from 23 in the same time period). Given these trends, city dwellers tend to spend most of their twenties living with roommates. Finding and keeping a good roommate, however, gets harder as more people swarm into […]

Day-Off App

Final product Let’s start at the end of the story. Here you can find a teaser of the final product. The entire process from Lo-Fi to clickable prototype can be found below. Thank you for considering reading it. Initial thoughts A system that manages all your vacations is a thing which can be improved in many ways. On functional level there is a lot done, but […]

Wok Bar App

What is Wok Bar? At the university we have an in-house canteen, Tim’s Diner, which serves a range of delicious meals. An option we have is the Wok Bar. It is a place where you can choose your ingredients, sauce, protein, and it’s cooked up in front of you. One day it could be curry, another stir fry, another pasta. This has proven to be a […]