Ivan Vasilev

Interaction design

It is all about sketching and in this chapter I am going to take the pencil and draw the structure of FlyUX project on my beloved dotted paper. Actually it is very comfortable for sketches because you can have all kinds of shapes relatively straight and even without a ruler the lines look good:

Interaction design
Interaction design sketch

As you can see there are arrows everywhere, so I decided to sketch each page separately. First I am starting with initial (start or home) page. Structural elements like Navigation and SignUp/LogIn link are as simple as possible and also presented on each and every page. Then we have a tittle followed be the input fields defined by the IA and the flow diagram. They are big and prominent because they should attract the main focus of the user.

Start page
Start page sketch

Than there is the results page. It is very important page:

Results page
Category: User Experience (UX)

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