Ivan Vasilev

Flow diagram

In order to fulfill the entire design thinking process I need to take the next step and track the user during each click/tap she makes while trying to book a flight. To define a flow is not an easy task. To define a meaningful and seamless workflow is something completely different. It should be straightforward, simple, understandable, comprehensible and clear. The user should be guided through each step and must know in every moment what is the context. While considering how should my diagram look like, I made some sketches:

Flow Diagram Sketch
Flow diagram initial state – sketch

Afterwards I translated each state and action into a digital version of the diagram. All pages are marked with a tittle and a shape in different color ( I made this differentiations because of accessibility reasons ), every state of the page is presented with text in box (macOS window type) and each action is also shown with an arrow and text description:

FlyUX Flow diagram – desktop

Some steps may be missed or wrong but I am constantly updating the diagram so I can say that is a living thing and can be refined in each and every moment 🙂 .

Category: User Experience (UX)

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