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Buying an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria – Part 4

Part 4 – AfterBuy If you already you read in the last part of the it is very hard task to buy the perfect apartment in Sofia if not nearly impossible. “Easy to say, hard to Do” Accordingly to what you bought the so called AfterBuy process can vary alot: Not build yet “Act 16”, so we call the document that determines, if the building is ready […]

Buying an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria – Part 2

Part 2 – THE SEARCH We have the intention, we have the initial capital. So let’s find that flat 🙂 ! “Leicht gesagt” are saying the germans, but in Bulgaria, especially in Sofia the thing are not so easy. The most common internet portal is imot.bg (only Bulgarian version, do not even try to find english one 🙁 ) with its thousands of offers you may […]

Buying an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria – Part 1

Part 1 – THE IDEA You don’t want to pay rent anymore. You have enough money or good job to finance a new home for you and your family if there is one. You live in Sofia or somewhere in Bulgaria. I can share some knowledge about the whole process, because I went all the way from searching to actually owning a property in Sofia. So let’s […]