Ivan Vasilev
Category: User goals

Triangulation, Affinity diagram, Customer journey map, Personas, Customer value curve, Empathy map

Customer journey map

For the project FlyUX I did a lot of research. After this I summarised and categorised the findings. Then I grouped the issues using a method called affinity diagram. Now I can proceed to the next step and map out the customer journey. Why mapping the journey? In order to better understand, where are the pain points in the process we are designing for and what […]

Affinity diagram

In order to continue working on the “FlyUX” project I am going to use a tool called affinity diagram. It was created by Jiro Kawakita (also called K-J Method – after his name) revolutionising the industry of Japan in the 1970. It was used as a management tool for scientists and engineers. The method was really effective for major projects such as construction of a power […]