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Wok Bar App

What is Wok Bar? The Wok Bar is a place where you can choose your ingredients, sauce, protein, and it’s cooked up in front of you. One day it could be curry, another stir fry, another pasta. The problem Long waiting times and big queues. The solution Creation of mobile […]

Note taking

After the usability test has been conducted and recorded it should be watched and notes should be taken. Users are asked about their travel experience and what they are usually do while booking a flight online. They are also asked about their last trip and which were their main problems […]

Online survey

Second major thing in the user research process is the so called Online survey. I used “survey monkey” because it is free and provides a good set of tools to create, collect and analyse surveys. With six usual questions I tried to save people’s time and in the same time […]

Competitive benchmark

To pick 4 top of the line airline websites/ mobile apps and benchmark them is an easy task to do 🇧🇬 Objectives Learn how best-in-class websites and apps solve the problem we are trying to solve Understand the conventions we should follow Highlight best practice that we should emulate and […]

Грешки тип 1 и 2 при A/B тестване

Реших да разгледам една доста интересна тема, а именно Error Type 1 and 2 в A/B testing. По подразбиране в статистическото хипотезно тестване нито един тест не е 100% точен: това е защото се разчита на вероятности в експеримента. Когато онлайн маркетолози и учени тестват хипотеза, и двете групи търсят […]

Христо Ботев – На прощаване

… Дружина тръгва, отива,пътят е страшен, но славен:аз може млад да загина…Но… стига ми тая награда –да каже нявга народът:умря сиромах за правда,за правда и за свобода… НА ПРОЩАВАНЕ В 1868 Г. Награда или още по-силна болка, правда или още по-истинска лъжа, свобода или най-строго охранявания затвор за душата? Все […]