Ivan Vasilev


After creating the sketches for all key screens/pages it is time to dive into the prototyping. Therefor I will use Figma as a tool which has decent collaboration capabilities. Please find the link here. I will start with the Search page. Low-fidelity prototype I will start with Lo-Fi variant, because it’s fast & dirty process which can be changed on the go, doesn’t require a lot […]

Interaction design

It is all about sketching and in this chapter I am going to take the pencil and draw the structure of FlyUX project on my beloved dotted paper. Actually it is very comfortable for sketches because you can have all kinds of shapes relatively straight and even without a ruler the lines look good: As you can see there are arrows everywhere, so I decided to […]

Flow diagram

In order to fulfill the entire design thinking process I need to take the next step and track the user during each click/tap she makes while trying to book a flight. To define a flow is not an easy task. To define a meaningful and seamless workflow is something completely different. It should be straightforward, simple, understandable, comprehensible and clear. The user should be guided through […]

Customer journey map

For the project FlyUX I did a lot of research. After this I summarised and categorised the findings. Then I grouped the issues using a method called affinity diagram. Now I can proceed to the next step and map out the customer journey. Why mapping the journey? In order to better understand, where are the pain points in the process we are designing for and what […]

Affinity diagram

In order to continue working on the “FlyUX” project I am going to use a tool called affinity diagram. It was created by Jiro Kawakita (also called K-J Method – after his name) revolutionising the industry of Japan in the 1970. It was used as a management tool for scientists and engineers. The method was really effective for major projects such as construction of a power […]

Note taking

After the usability test has been conducted and recorded it should be watched and notes should be taken. Users are asked about their travel experience and what they are usually do while booking a flight online. They are also asked about their last trip and which were their main problems and the communication channels they used. Afterwards they perform a test with particular goal to book […]

Online survey

Second major thing in the user research process is the so called Online survey. I used “survey monkey” because it is free and provides a good set of tools to create, collect and analyse surveys. With six usual questions I tried to save people’s time and in the same time to take the most of the date they have provided. Design survey 1. When was the […]

Competitive benchmark

To pick 4 top of the line airline websites/ mobile apps and benchmark them is an easy task to do 🇧🇬 Objectives Learn how best-in-class websites and apps solve the problem we are trying to solve Understand the conventions we should follow Highlight best practice that we should emulate and 1. Lufthansa Landing page Wysiwyg – what you see is what you get. This is the […]