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Ivan Vasilev

Online survey

Second major thing in the user research process is the so called Online survey

1. When was the last time when you visit airline website?

This is the question that should introduce the user to the survey. And it is actually very important to get initial knowledge about the actual usage of airline sites. If the user books online once a year or even less – this would’t be very representative. If she does it every month or even every week – this will be much more helpful for further analysis. For example such a user will be worth tens or even hundreds of times more than those who book ones a year.

2. Did you try flights aggregation websites like Skyscanner? If yes which was it?

So called flight aggregators are more powerful than ever.

6. Are you aware of CO2 emissions that the flight will emit into the atmosphere?

I put this question because the Global warming problem emerges more and more.

Skyscanner shows CO2 emissions

Even Skyscanner shows the results with less CO2

Ticket 19€ more expensive for 10% less CO2

Cheeper may be more expensive

This flight emits…

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Category: Usability testing, User research

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